The Bridge Over Highway 1


“The Bridge Over Highway 1” • oil • 36hx24w

(Click on image to enlarge)

First Impressions

The first time I walked across the bridge over Highway 1, I stopped at the center of the bridge and looked up. I realized I had never seen the sky through a chain link fence, and I didn’t care for the creepy “caged-in feeling” I was getting. What I did like was the perspective.

Impressionist Renderings

The first thing that went down on the canvas was a line drawing. Then I started to block in colors. The fence would disappear and be re-drawn as I put down color for the sky. At one point, I started to tell myself that the fence would resemble a heavy crisscrossed mass that jumped to the foreground if I continued to render the chain link using lines of paint. There had to be something else I could try. I decided to paint what wasn’t the fence. Spots of color came through all the chain link diamond shapes. This really helped the fence flow visually with its surroundings.

Lasting Impressions

The bridge felt cage-like if I stood still in the middle of it. If I kept moving, it became a pathway. The message I got from this bridge was to move forward. Here’s wishing you a happy forward momentum.


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