“RiverMuse: Flood”


“RiverMuse: Flood” • oil • 24hx36w

 The Amazing Figure Model

This painting is the third of a series of paintings I did about the relationship of rivers and people. The last blog posts discussed “Drought” and “Life”. “RiverMuse: Flood” was created as part of a competition for a local art museum in Santa Cruz, CA. The figure was taken from a life drawing I did some years ago. The model was posed across two crates that had a lot of padding underneath her. I don’t know how she held this position for the duration of the drawing! Typically, live models pose for 20 minutes at a time between breaks. This might have been a 45 minute drawing – it took longer to paint it. Just try sitting in a position for twenty minutes without moving!

A Flood of Emotion

The house flooded behind her was taken from a house in Capitola, California. The dark clouds, her pose, the idea of a flood – made me think not only of a physical flood, but the feeling of being overwhelmed. In contrast to this emotional response, I had a real fun time painting it.


The painting was displayed at the Harrisburg Art Association in Pennsylvania in a juried show. The juror was Kathryn Calley-Galitz, who at the time was the assistant curator of 19th century, modern and contemporary art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

I will leave you with a poem:

RiverMuse: Flood

“Looks like I’m up the creek

without a paddle”, she muttered

Overwhelmed by her time and place.

“There goes the house-

I didn’t like it anyway.

Now all my things are buried in muck –

And to think we built it on the flood plain,

Knowing full well

The River would be back again.” 


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