Have Palette Knife Will Travel


"Randy's Hay Wagon" oil 30hx40w

“Randy’s Hay Wagon” oil 30hx40w

This is painting, “Randy’s Hay Wagon” is newly finished in my studio. It is a combination of brushwork and palette knife. The idea behind this painting was to create mass. The draft horses, so large in real life, needed to feel large in my 30hx40w oil painting. The paint has a thick application in which I wanted to convey that the horses are strong, their equipment and wagon is heavy, the driver is tough and nothing is still.

I worked from a photo I took when my son went on a field trip to Wilder Ranch in Santa Cruz, CA. The field trip starts with the kids putting on old fashioned clothes, (hats and vests for boys, bonnets and aprons for girls) and taking a hayride into the past. There are many volunteers at Wilder who create an authentic day out of the 1800’s for the kids.

Currently in the studio I am working on other landscape paintings that will become images for the second printing of my art book/guide book, “An Artist’s View of Santa Cruz”.



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